About Ninkatek

We are a B2B software platforms, services, and support company for smaller makers (Brewers; Distillers; Vintners), independent distributors, and innovative alcohol beverage retailers.


We are bringing unprecedented transformation to the US alcohol beverage industry to level the playing field in an industry dominated by giants. Our business model empowers the craft community to ‘punch above its weight’ – enabling it to take its rightful place at the center of a changed US alcohol market. In short, we want to help makers, distributors, and retailers Survive and Thrive while focusing on what they do best...


While our software platforms, services and tools reside outside the 3 tiers of licensed market participants, our success is integrally linked to their vibrancy and their ability to overcome the obstacles of the current market environment. Our success will be measured by how our platforms enable, empower and support that vibrancy while reducing the pain points for all our users. It will also be measured by our ability to transform the industry by what we do and how we do it to create better growth opportunities for the makers, distributors, and retailers who work with us.

Mission Before Money

Vision & Mission


We envision a future US alcohol marketplace where craft and artisan makers of beer, spirits, and wines are at its center and successful brands are not defined by how much they spend on advertising but the quality of the product and the innovation of the maker.


Our mission is to create the new technologies, tools, and processes which disrupt the status quo and transform every aspect of the current market model that works against a level and fair playing field.

Ninkasi Technologies For Wintners
Ninkasi Technologies For Distributors
Ninkasi Technologies For Retailers
Ninkasi Technologies For Brewers


We started this Company to level the playing field, and put craft makers and the supply chain that supports them at the center of a changed US alcohol marketplace. In order to live up to our vision, we set the following principles for ourselves:

  • Join the craft movement – don’t supplant it
  • Deliver on the “Service First” promise
  • Never pick winners and losers – let the consumer and marketplace decide
  • Build partnerships that support the cause
  • Make it easier to play by the rules – not circumvent them
  • Create win-win-win situations for all 3 tiers whenever possible
  • Build something we can all be proud of

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