American Craft Brands opening in NY - June 202

B2B Online Marketplace that supports the recovery of bars, restaurants, and other alcohol retailers is coming to NY brings lower prices, better service, time-savings, one-stop-shopping, and contactless purchasing to alcohol retailers recovering from the disruption of Covid-19


BOSTON – May 18, 2020 –, the secure B2B alcohol marketplace for commerce between brewers, distillers and vintners, retailers and independent distributors is launching in New York. The regulatory-compliant business-to-business (B2B) platform is a 21st century alcohol purchasing and supply chain marketplace tailor-made for the post-Covid-19 world and a retailer’s need to re-start,  adapt, and recover. is the B2B-for-Retailers creation of Ninkatek ACB LLC, a software platforms, services, and support company dedicated to the US alcohol beverage industry. Ninkatek is led by an experienced team of alcohol industry veterans and technologists with decades of technology, supply chain, marketing, and sales expertise. 


“Our team designed to address the eventual disruption from ecommerce on the relatively insulated US alcohol industry with a focus on B2B,” said Jeff Slater, CEO and president of Ninkatek. “The 3-tiered system provided that insulation leaving retailers and the makers of the products they sell to think of B2B and D2C ecommerce as a problem for the distant future – until Covid-19 hit.  Now, whether they are an on-premise, off-premise, or own-premise (taprooms) retailer of alcohol, their world has been turned upside down and adapting the business model to include ecommerce, both B2B and D2C, is a matter of urgency and survival.” provides all the functionality necessary to rapidly adapt to this new world, recover more quickly, and permanently integrate the 21st century world of B2B and consumer commerce into their business models.   Electronic ordering, consolidated delivery, invoicing, compliance record-keeping, keg deposit management, and integration with popular accounting packages are all features designed to streamline the alcohol buying process. 


“Using our easy-to-use platform, retailers can expect to benefit from lower prices, 24/7 ordering, electronic invoicing, contactless transactions, and no wasted time on catalogs full of products that are ‘unavailable’ to purchase – as a starting point,” said Jeff Slater.  “They can also expect better and more responsive service through our partnership with MilServ ACD, a veteran-owned and operated delivery service that employs local veterans and shares profits with non-profits focused on supporting veterans and their families.  A relationship we are really proud to be a part of and we think retailers will be as well.”


With, saving time and money is what it is all about.  To get things started and to support a rapid recovery from Covid-19, NY retailers will be able to use the platform for free for all 2020.  No subscriptions, no credit card, no delivery fees.  All you need is a valid NY alcohol retailers license to sign-up and start ordering. will be launching the first products for purchase on June 1 to highlight our early adopter partners in NY.  After that, we will be doing weekly announcements of the hundreds of additional products available from beer, wine, and spirits makers and distributors from across the globe. All launched products will be available on-going, subject to any limitations set by the manufacturer.


For more information about the marketplace and to sign-up for a free subscription, visit


About Ninkatek ACB


Ninkatek ACB is a business-to-business (B2B) software platforms, services and support company dedicated to a better beverage marketplace for industry makers, distributors and retailers. Its mission is to create the new technologies, processes, and systems that disrupt the status quo and transform every aspect of the current market model that works against a level and fair playing field for everyone.

Ninkatek’s platforms include, is an online ordering platform for licensed retailers, and for transactions between makers and their distributor partners.  In addition, Ninkatek provides supply chain backbone technologies and support for independent delivery service companies looking to participate in the explosion of growth in direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce. For more information visit


About MilServ ACD Corp

MilServ ACD Corp. is a veteran owned, veteran-operated, and veteran-supporting supply chain and logistics company specializing in delivering craft alcohol products to retailers, distributors, and where permitted, to consumers.  The company relies on technology for managing orders, logistics and deliveries to provide customers with a lower cost alternative to traditional approaches to distribution.   Milserv’s dual mission of helping small brewers, distillers, and vintners get their products to market more efficiently while creating jobs, business opportunities, and providing support to veterans and their families is unique.    More than just talk, MilServ is a “Benefit Corp.” with a self-selected fiduciary responsibility to give back to veterans and their families as part of its core business.   For more information visit




Press Release April 2018

April 2018

By: Karen Laverty - Greenough

New Online Marketplace for Craft Brewers, Distillers and Vintners Will Change Beverage Industry brings new opportunity for thousands of craft makers, distributors and retailers nationwide.

BOSTON – April 18, 2018

A new online platform,, is a first-of-its-kind secure marketplace for commerce between craft makers (brewers, distillers and vintners), retailers and independent distributors. The regulatory-compliant business-to-business (B2B) marketplace changes the historic three-tiered distribution model by reducing barriers while creating new and better growth paths for craft makers. It provides a dynamic, trusted, and level playing field not just for these artisan makers, but for all parties. is the first offering from Ninkatek, a software platforms, services, and support company dedicated to beverage industry makers and the independent distributors and retailers who work with them. Ninkatek is led by an experienced team with decades of technology, supply chain, marketing, and sales expertise and an advisory board with more than 120 years of combined experience in the craft beer industry.


“ is Ninkateks’ first implementation of a roadmap for a permissioned, end-to-end platform to manage the complexities of the U.S. alcohol industry to improve sales and execution and help smaller players survive and thrive,” said Jeff Slater, CEO and president of Ninkatek. “Yes, this will be disruptive for some, but it will certainly be a boon for craft makers, not to mention those forward-looking distributors and retailers who understand the looming disruption and the tremendous opportunity this offers them.” Electronic selling, invoicing, compliance record-keeping, inventory tracking, keg deposit management, multi-layered delivery approaches, and the ability to manage complex multi-state territory arrangements are just some of the features of The technology allows craft makers the freedom to focus on what they do best: making great product. Likewise, retailers and distributors can do what they do best: provide customers with a variety of the country’s best beers, wine and spirits without having to build excess inventory or overstock their shelves.

Dean Palmer, president of the Global Brewer’s Guild

“With, Ninkatek is streamlining a notoriously complex system and opening the marketplace in ways that benefit makers, retailers and consumers who want choice,” said Dean Palmer, president of the Global Brewer’s Guild. “I was blown away when I saw the platform. It delivers on its promises and I believe every craft producer could benefit from using it.” will be launching shortly in selected states with full national expansion throughout 2018 and 2019. For more information about the marketplace and to obtain a subscription, visit Karen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.-6516

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Retailer Demo Video

April 2018

By: Danny Connelly, CMO

Retailer Demo Video

In our first video, we wanted to show craft beer retailers a new, more efficient way for them to order the brands they want. Our software platform is easy to use and provides the licensed retail account with the ability to control the order placement and select from several delivery options, giving them better control over their inventory. We chose a great team from wizMotions to create a whiteboard animation to tell the story. Hope you enjoy the first of a series of videos we will place on our site. Cheers!

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April 2018

By: Jeff Slater, CEO & Founder

A real Win-Win-Win

New brewers are popping up all across the country and recent data from the Brewer’s Association suggests that the movement to craft beer is alive and well. But the burning question still remains: how do new brewers survive and thrive after the startup honeymoon is over? New paths to market, new technology platforms designed for craft beer, and new strategies for selling and delivering product may just be the answer.

It's A Brewers World

Craft brewers who dream of building their brand and making their products widely available have more choices in today’s market but many make the mistake of signing a distribution agreement too soon. In today’s market, a brewer can choose many ways to get their products to market even if they aspire to expand past the Brewpub / Tasting Room model and want to make their beers available to the onpremise and off-premise trade – locally, regionally, or even nationally. There are nearly 40 states with self-distribution rules that the brewer can take advantage of and, unknown to many brewers, there are ways to extend those rights across state lines (yes – you can self-distribute in multiple states at the same time). For those that do know about it, they often find the management of the territory too complicated or frustrating to want to deal with it so they decide to sign distribution agreements to have others do it for them. By signing these agreements too early, brewers leave money on-the-table. Money they could use to accelerate growth and build brand value.


The good news is that new technology and supply chain models are emerging to help manage all the complicated and messy “management” that comes with self-distributing. These new technologies and models are freeing up brewer’s time and financial resources and allowing them to invest in accelerated growth – without signing away their brand rights before they should. was designed to help U.S. craft brewers by opening up direct B2B e-commerce between self-distributing brewers and licensed retailers. The platform enables brewers to list their products and get exposed to 100 percent of the retail accounts in a chosen territory. They can expand their footprint from hyperlocal (5-10 miles) to local or regional without adding more sales people, and they can even test out new market areas before they make a significant investment there. All on their own. All with the freedom to choose. All without signing any agreements that might be limiting in the future. The platform also provides all the other “stuff” that brewers need to manage if they want to be successful long-term. Things like “for-sale inventory,” invoices, keg and other asset tracking, label licenses and connections back to accounting systems like Quickbooks©. A veritable command center for running the business.

Solving Distribution

When we talk about this with new brewers they often say ‘OK. Great! But how do I get my beer to the retailers?’ There is good news here as well. New distribution models are emerging across the U.S., including our personal favorite, delivery companies willing to deliver brewer’s products without making any claims to brand rights. While this is not available in all states, there are more than a few where it is. Forward-looking licensed distributors (the very same ones that brewers sign territory agreements with) are starting to discover that providing professional, no strings attached, pickup and delivery services can be profitable and good for business. In this instance, everybody wins! Craft brewers keep their brand rights, reduce or eliminate the costs of building a sales force, reduce or eliminate the investment in trucks, drivers, insurance, tickets, etc and still have their brand delivered professionally. Distributors for their part, get to “fill the truck” (a full truck is a happy truck), reduce the cost of inventory, and, probably most importantly, can build relationships with the next great brewer before any territory goes out for bid (when the brewer outgrows their self-distribution rights). Even the retailer wins in this scenario with fewer distractions from customers and staff for many separate deliveries. A win-win-win in most cases.

Now who does not like a win-win-win?

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