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Where did the name Ninkatek come from?

There are many stories about the long love affair between beer and humans. One such story dates to 5000 BC (or so) about Ninkasi – the Sumerian Goddess of Beer. She took her place in history because there was a poem (likely sung) called the Hymn of Ninkasi which is one of the first examples of the written word. The Hymn was actually a recipe to make beer!! We thought it fitting and, quite honestly, awesome to juxtapose a 21st century transformational beer technology company with a 7000-year-old beer goddess. Thus, Ninkasi (5th century BCE) plus Technologies (21st century AD) and NINKATEK was born.

What does Ninkatek do?

We create software platforms for licensed craft-centric players (makers; distributors; retailers) and the regulators that oversee them to make their lives easier. Our focus is on helping everyone be more productive, competitive, and profitable. We have developed technology platforms, services and strategies for each of the licensed tiers to make each better, faster, smarter – than the current circumstances allow. In short, we hope to help them survive and thrive in an environment with a few large and powerful competitors.

What is Ninkatek's approach to the craft beverage market?

We take the view that communities of smaller makers using technologies and strategies designed specifically for them can influence the shape and direction of the industry as effectively as (if not more than) a few large players. We talk about helping the smaller makers and independent distributors ‘punch-above-their-weight’ as a metaphor for them exercising.

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